Welcome Contributors


We are excited to bring a new experience to Nauvoo. The Flood Museum addresses several important concerns in Nauvoo. The majority of tourists to Nauvoo attend the pageants each July. But, Nauvoo has so much more to offer. It is our belief that another faith-based attraction will expand on the tourism industry already in place in Nauvoo.

With the Nauvoo and British Pageants, the Pumpkin Walk, and the Grape Festival, Nauvoo is well positioned to be the preferred destination for families in the Midwest, and throughout the country.

This page includes overviews of the purpose and progress already made on the museum, as well as videos that describe its purpose and importance.

We expect to open the museum in early 2019, and need the support of others who love Nauvoo, who want to see the Bible represented as true, and who want to enhance Nauvoo's downtown experience.

With the support that has already come to us, this museum promises to be an amazing, interactive and engaging experience. We hope you will join us in telling the amazing story of the flood, and God's love for his children, in this amazing place.

How to Contribute?


There are a number of ways to participate in building the museum.

Of course there is cash. The availability of funds will determine just how fast the museum moves forward. The initial build phase of the museum (including building acquisition, repairs, remodeling and exhibit construction will cost approximately $150,000.

The critical need funds (to allow stabilization of the building and beginning of interior work) are approximately $60,000.

Direct contributions have also been made. We have a goal of $20,00 from these direct, individual contributions.

Materials, artifacts, and equipment contributions have also been made, and are welcome.

Sponsor an Exhibit

A limited number of sponsorship positions are available at The Flood Museum. These positions allow a company, or individual, to be identified as the sponsor of one of our exhibit rooms.

This is a special relationship, we call a Founding Sponsor, that is perpetual. It does not involve a recurring fee, and will allow your business to assign marketing funds and be associated with a project that is building Nauvoo.

Your name will be included on the sponsor plaque located outside the museum, on a duplicate plaque near our ticket counter, and at the entrance to the exhibit. Your name will also be included in print programs, major advertising (print, social media, and video).

Since there are just six exhibit rooms, these positions are limited, and will not last long. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in this unique marketing opportunity for your business. The goal for these sponsorships is $60,000.

Who Do I Contact?

Those willing to participate, or who have additional questions can contact the Museum Director, Robert Wright, at:


email: robert@thefloodmuseum.com

phone: 309-333-6861

A detailed packet is available that includes:


  • Timeline of Events to Open

  • Expense and Revenue Projections

  • Exhibit Flow