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East of The Flood Museum and The Flood Experience  in Nauvoo, Illinois, the Learning Institute Discovery Center wil take the message of Jesus Christ to new audiences, with new exhibits and activities that demonstrate His role in creation and the events of humanity throughout history.

To learn why this knowledge is so important, please review "What Happened to Hope?"


The Discovery Center will include the Main East Hall, and the Main West Hall, as well as a Reference Library on the second floor of the East hall that will allow researchers to review the resource material used to create The Flood Museum’s many exhibits. It will be a living bibliography.


The Main West Hall Exhibits and Activities

Visitors will enter the Discovery Center through the West Hall entrance. This hall will feature:

Science Center

In the Science Center area, interactive exhibits will teach God’s amazing set of instructions included in DNA. Visitors will see the operation of DNA and how environmental conditions allow DNA to change its instructions to the body’s systems to allow adaptation in changing environments. God’s intelligence is reflected in the code He created. This exhibit will show how DNA corruption came into the world and was accelerated during and after the global flood. Visitors will learn about the Earth's magnetic field, and the effect it has on DNA corruption and Radiometric Dating.

The Science Center will allow visitors to see how the assumptions required for Carbon Dating, and all Radiometric Dating, are its downfall.

This exhibit will demonstrate the young age of fossils, and how they were created in a short time, in the global flood.

The processes for fossilization and coal formation will be presented in the Science Center, with demonstrations of man-made fossils and coal.

Living Fossils

The Living Fossils exhibit will feature animals that are commonly presented as “living fossils” along with representations of animals that exist in the fossil record, and are alive today, the true “living fossils.” They represent every kind of animal alive today.

God’s Amazing Creation


This tunnel exhibit will feature a representation of the Grand Canyon and its layers on the exterior, with genuine examples of canyon layers, including “the Great Unconformity” allowing visitors to touch the foundation rock of the Grand Canyon that predates the flood. Samples will show water deposition (wave samples), animal tracks, and fossils are presented.

Inside the Grand Canyon tunnel will be a display of amazing minerals and fossils. The exterior wall of the cave will present amber fossils, back-lit to show the variety of creatures trapped in the amber. An audio presentation will describe the creation of amber, and the necessity of flood waters in its creation.


The interior wall of the Grand Canyon tunnel will display fluorescent minerals and rocks that demonstrate the amazing beauty that comes from ordinary objects God created when they are affected by the external energy of UV light. Forces we cannot see can create beauty in surprising ways. This is likened to the Spirit working within each of us.


Leviathan, Behemoth and Dragon


These three animals are described in the Bible, in particular in the Book of Job. They will be presented in full form with the Behemoth on the ground, the Leviathan and Dragon overhead. They are Sauropod, Plesiosaur and  Pteranodon.

Truth Seeker Academy Discovery Den


The Discovery Den will be the perfect retreat for young visitors. It will feature a “Days of Creation” interactive display, the “Amazing Design of Your Body” activity, and the “Fossil Dig” work center. This area will include teaching and interactive opportunities for young Truth Seekers and will be sponsored by Truth Seeker Academy.

The Main East Hall Exhibits

Entering the East Hall from the West Hall visitors will enter the world of the Noah’s descendants and encounter three major exhibits:

Living in the Same World

Civilizations will be represented to show the intelligence and skill that survived the flood, and was then lost. Advanced ancient civilizations will be represented, demonstrating the true “cradle of civilization,” the area of the Ark’s landing. The variety of conditions humans found themselves in after the Tower of Babel dispersion will be demonstrated and compared to the ecosystems and cultures we see in the world today.

For Signs and Seasons (Stars)

This overhead demonstration will explain the nature of the signs present in the heavens. In particular, the constellation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor will be used to demonstrate the common recent culture that explains the “long-tail bear” all over the world.

The overhead presentation will then shift to the sign witnessed at Jesus Christ’s birth, and demonstrate the event that was seen by the “wise men from the east.”

The Word Became Flesh

The most significant exhibit in the Discovery Center will demonstrate the historic artifacts that confirm the events described in scripture. These will include burial ossuary, stele and inscriptions from and about the people and events of the New Testament.

The Same Jesus display will demonstrate that the Jesus we know from the New Testament is the same Jesus who created the world. These panels will graphically and powerfully connect the events of creation with the events of Jesus’ life.

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