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The Flood Museum

Christmas at the Museum

The Flood Museum is excited to exhibit a collection of nativity displays from all over the world.

Geodes at the Museum

The Flood Museum will feature a special collection of amazing geodes, including cathedrals and other one-of-a-kind examples of God's amazing creations September 27-28, 2019.


Join us for this limited-time exhibit. (Some items will also be available for purchase in the museum gift shop),


Thank you to Nature Haven in Peoria, Illinois for many of our display items.

More to do

We're excited to have the museum open. We are committed to offering the best experience possible to teach that the Bible is reliable and truthful.

We can use your help. There were unexpected expenses building the museum (not a big surprise in a building this old and neglected), but we were able to open on time.

A new water line was required, and partitions in our bathrooms are needed. There are still automation needs within the museum, and ongoing maintenance and expenses.

Please consider contributing to The Flood Museum. We can use your help.

PBS and Illinois Stories
We were excited to welcome Mark McDonald and his PBS program "Illinois Stories" to the museum prior to our Grand Opening.
Roof Replacement Begins
Algilbers Roofing began the replacement of The Flood Museum roof. This is the last major structural work required for the museum.

The Flood Museum

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