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A project like The Flood Museum takes a lot of resources. Labor, materials, ideas, equipment and artifacts, it takes it all. Whatever help you are able to offer to bring this museum to Utah is appreciated. You can be part of spreading the message of Jesus Christ, and the truth of the Bible to believers all over the mountain west.

The existing flood museum in Illinois reaches people from all over the midwest. This new museum will bring the same experience to people in the west. This is an important time for believers, and it is time for us all to stand up for truth. There are already museums in Utah that teach the false religion of evolution, its time to give families an opportunity to see God's truth.

Do what you can. Bring your hammer, and whatever materials you have, or click on any of the links below and make a needed donation. The Flood Museum is a 501.c3 charity (Learning Institute Foundation, Inc.), so all donations are tax deductible.

Hot List

(Items that are time-critical, and affect the overall project)

  • Main room flooring (4,000 square feet)

  • Building insulation

  • HVAC System

  • Facebook

The Flood Museum has created a gift registry on Amazon. Review it and see if any of the items on it fit your budget. Thank you for your help.

Venmo Contribution

You can also make donations directly to The Flood Museum Venmo account (Learning Institute Foundation, Inc.)


IMG_9347 (2).jpg

Sponsor a Dinosaur

Through a kind donation from Taylor Made Fossils, we are able to acquire museum-quality replicas at a major discount. Taylor Made Fossils provided most of the fossil casts being used at the Illinois museum, and they are very popular with kids and adults alike.

These will be displayed in The Flood Museum-Utah. The name of the donor will be featured prominently on the exhibit. To sponsor a dinosaur, make your donation through Venmo (specify which dinosaur you want to sponsor), or contact us at for other options.

Stegosaurus Full Dinosaur Cast: $20,000 

Allosaurus Full Dinosaur Cast: $20,000

Triceratops Skull Cast: $4,500

Bellusaurus Juvenille Full Dinosar Cast: $9,000

Pachysephalus Full Dinosaur Cast:

Pteranadon Skeleton Cast:

Pteranadon Recreation:

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