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About The Flood Museum
and the Learning Institute Foundation

The Learning Institute Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on strengthening believers' and their families' faith in Jesus Christ as the Creator of the world, and the only path to salvation. As the world focuses more and more on the creation rather than the Creator, hope is being lost. Our families are being destroyed as faith in the only One who can save us is abandoned. We accomplish our mission using several approaches, with a coordinated and consistent message:

Museums - Educational Materials - Events



The Flood Museums are dedicated to presenting the truth of the Biblical account. The museums include the Flood Experience, where visitors visit Noah's World, board the Ark, experience the Flood, see the World After the Flood, and learn about Light, Rainbows, and our Ark in the chaos flooding the world today, Jesus Christ.


The museums also include Bible exhibits featuring historic editions of the Bible, the Great Isaiah Scroll, and artifacts from Ancient Israel.


The museums also feature Bible art exhibits, Fossil Evidence Exhibit (with fossils that demonstrate the reality of the global flood), workshops, and STEM labs.

The first Flood Museum is located in Illinois and was opened in 2019. Additional Museums are underway in Peru, Kenya, Idaho, and Utah.

The Flood Experience on Location

We are now able to take the Flood Experience to locations all over the country. The Learning Institute Foundation will bring the equipment and displays to set up this immersive experience in your location for an event at your Church, School, or meeting area. There is no charge for this experience, but donations to cover the cost of travel are encouraged.


We will bring projectors, audio equipment, lighting, and artifacts to your location and share the important message of God's salvation.

Those who attend the Flood Experience will never view the story of Noah and the Global Flood the same. This experience makes the event real, and personal, and points believers to the ark in our day, Jesus Christ. 

Educational Materials:

This website, our social media, and published materials allow us to offer supplemental information that can be used by individual believers, home school families, as an additional resource to traditional education students, and study groups and churches. This includes our L.I.F.E. Lessons, conference materials, books, and videos. Wherever possible, these materials are provided free of charge. This work is funded by tax-deductible donations.


Through in-person events, The Learning Institute Foundation brings the message of The Flood Museum to individuals across the country, and around the world. We do this through our participation in Rock and Mineral shows, conferences, and personal speaking engagements. You can schedule Dr. Bob to speak at your event.

 Purchases at the Rock and Mineral shows also help fund the efforts of the Foundation. Wherever possible speaking engagements are offered at no charge.

Our Mission:

To strengthen believers and those who want to believe.

What We Believe:

  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God and is a factual, historical record.

  • We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal God and came to earth in human form to conquer death and bring salvation to all who believe.

  • We believe Jesus Christ created the universe in six normal days, as described in the Book of Genesis.

  • We believe that Adam was the first man, and was created in the image of God.

  • We believe the fall of Adam was the result of disobedience and brought death into the world.

  • We believe the global flood described in the Bible is an actual event that demonstrated God's judgment on the unrighteous, and salvation of those who trusted Him.

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the author of our salvation, and is the ark in our day, offering salvation to all who believe.

  • We believe true science testifies that the evidence observed in the world clearly demonstrates God's creation, punishment, and salvation.

Illinois Museum Info
Winter Hours: Scheduled Appointments
Summer Hours (May-August): Monday & Saturday, 11am to 4pm

Other times may be available by appointment. Call ahead.

Admission to The Flood Museum is Free. (Donations are welcome).
​The Nauvoo, Illinois museum is located just north of Mulholland (Hwy 96), on the corner of Page and Knight Street. 
Plan on 45 minutes to an hour for your visit. The Flood Museum begins with the Common Ground Exhibit, and is followed by The Flood Experience (an immersive experience) and then a self-paced tour of the Bible Exhibit, Biblical Art Exhibit and the Fossil Evidence exhibit.

Association of Midwest Museums

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