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The Flood Museum

Final Touches
The exterior is looking great, the lighting and computer systems are installed, and the exhibits are in place.
It's final touches now as we prepare for our opening.
Great press coverage has begun, and we're looking forward to a local PBS program, "Illinois Stories" after their visit two weeks ago.
Evidence Is Building
The exhibits at The Flood Museum are nearing completion. From the Evidence of the Flood: Fossil Exhibit, to the Bible Exhibit to the Biblical Art Museum, it's all coming together.
Here's a small preview.
The Newest Resident Has Arrived
Nauvoo welcomed a new resident, with the arrival of our very own dinosaur. Still wrapped up in his protective coat, he'll soon be mounted on his very own hill in front of The Flood Museum.
Exterior Sign Installed
The exterior of The Flood Museum is coming together. Our new sign arrived, and looks great on the entrance. Work on the boarding ramp is nearing completion. We'll be ready to welcome visitors to The Flood Museum very soon!
Exhibit Rooms Nearing Completion
The Flood Museum features three exhibit rooms: The Bible Exhibit, The Biblical Art Exhibit, and the Evidence of the Flood, Fossil Exhibit. Physical construction is about complete, and displays will start going in.
Roof Replacement Begins
Algilbers Roofing began the replacement of The Flood Museum roof. This is the last major structural work required for the museum.
A New Face For the Museum
The Flood Museum is getting a much-needed facelift. New colors, and exterior updates are under way.
Progress Continues!
In spite of the effects of this years flu season, The Flood Museum continues to move forward. All structural repairs on the roof and flooring have been completed, and we have selected Altgilbers Roofing to replace the roof. Work should begin soon, now that the weather seems to be improving.
This will allow work inside the museum to continue, and exhibits to be completed.
Heat and Demolition Work!
With two new furnaces installed, we have begun renovation work.
With the help of our great team of workers here in Nauvoo, demo is complete. We have opened up exhibit areas for the Art Gallery and the Bible Exhibit, as well as beginning work on roof repairs.
A Fossil Partner
We are happy to announce our relationship with  Taylor Made Fossils in St. Louis. This relationship will ensure that The Flood Museum has world-class fossils and artifacts on display.
Taylor Made Fossils has been the source for fossils for everything from the movie Jurassic World to hit TV show, CSI, and now The Flood Museum!
We'll also have their products in the Flood Museum gift shop.
New Sponsor
We're excited to announce the Peter's Heating & Air Conditioning is a sponsor of The Flood Museum. They will also be helping ensure that visitors who come to The Flood Museum will have a great environment to learn.
We're excited to have heat in the building shortly.
City Support
The City Council in Nauvoo voted to approve a Zoning Ammendment that clears the way for the Museum in the location we purchased. The Council also approved a redevelopment agreement which helps us with the reconstruction of the building. 
Informational Video
We produced this new informational video to share some of the core principles behind The Flood Museum.
3D Model Development
Our artists have been hard at work creating 3D models for our 3D printers, and videos. This model of dracorex hogwartsia will be a great addition to the museum. This full-size recreation will be a site to see!
The Flood (museum) is Coming
We installed a temporary banner to let visitors know that a new museum is coming to Nauvoo in 2019.
Local News Coverage
The Hancock County Journal-Pilot newspaper published an extensive article on October 17th, 2018 about The Flood Museum. Support is building, and we're excited to be on our way.
Common Ground
The flood is one of the most persistent stories told by cultures all over the world. It is an event that belongs to all of us.
This video presents a few of the cultures with history that relates to the inspired truth of the Bible.
It also includes an invitation to join us as we build this new experience.
Museum Update
This update is a portion of the presentation for the City of Nauvoo Planning Commision, to allow them to make a decision on the zoning amendment we have requested.
We're making great progress in preparing exhibits, identifying partners, and working with other museums to ensure The Flood Museum is the best it can be.
Technology Partner
After meeting with Entertainment Sciences Group in Southern California, we have selected Venue Magic as our show control solution. Their engineers will be working with The Flood Museum to give it all the lighting, audio and video capability an interactive museum like ours needs.
Exterior Concept

We have a working idea of what the exterior will look like.

The Flood Museum

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