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The Learning Institute Foundation participates in a number of events throughout the country. These include conferences, The Flood Experience on Location, and Rock & Gem Shows. 
You can learn more about hosting the Flood Experience in your location here.
To Schedule Your Own Speaking Event:

Gatherings, workshops, and conferences.

Groups large and small.

No cost.

Donations are accepted to assist with travel and lodging.

Email: to schedule your event.

Topics Include:

Flood Geology

Learn how the evidence around us confirms the events of the Biblical Flood. You'll never drive past a road cut again without thanking God for His mercy and protection.


Archaeology Confirms the Scriptures

Recent discoveries confirm the events of the Bible and demonstrate it is an accurate historic record.


The Bones Tell the Story

Dinosaur soft tissue tells the story of the global flood and confirms the Biblical account. See for yourself the nerves, blood vessels, bone cells, and soft tissue in dinosaur bones.

Stretching Out the Heavens

Modern science demonstrates how God’s version of creation events solves many astronomical dilemmas. it’s OK to Believe A roundup of recent scientific expeditions Dr. Bob has been involved in. Covering biology, astronomy, geology, and paleontology.

Radiometric Dating: A Failed Theory

Radiometric dating (including Carbon-14) is used to support evolutionary ideas of Earth's origin and history. These theories are based on flawed assumptions and circular reasoning. Learning the truth removes this weapon from the evolutionist arsenal.

Macro or Micro: Evolution Fails

While much of the scientific world attempts to use God-engineered genetic adaptability as evidence for evolution, the truth reveals a failed religious belief system, fueled by a desire to eliminate God.

The Same Jesus

The Same Jesus that created the world, confirmed His authority and right to save humanity.


Satan’s War With God

What does the Book of Revelation say about evolution? How has this ancient religion become the new science?


Choosing to Believe

For young and old alike, believing is a choice. Learn how to choose faith.

What Happened to Hope?

How have evolution and scientism robbed our youth of hope? What is the cost of allowing this to continue?


Believing, In the Church

What is the focus of our faith? How do we point ourselves to Christ? When we are disappointed, frustrated or hurt, leaving the church is not the solution, Christ is.



Robert Wright, Ph.D.

Dr. Bob was a Nuclear Engineer on submarines in the US Navy.

He received his Master's Degree in Theology and his Ph.D. in Biblical Studies.

His area of study was the synthesis of faith and science, using the Biblical Flood as a model.

He is the author of numerous books including A Flood of Hope: It’s OK to Believe and Satan’s War with God.

With his wife Carol, he is the founder of  The Learning Institute Foundation and The Flood Museum.

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