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Join us at The Flood Museum…without leaving home.

Staying at home may be the best thing for many people right now. With all the fear about COVID-19, staying at home may be the best answer. But, it can be boring.

You can join us here at The Flood Museum, and learn about the truth of the Bible, the reality of the global flood, and God’s love for each one of us.

We’ll begin with “Why does it matter?” and then progress through “Common Ground,” “Noah’s World,” “The Ark,” “The Flood,” and on through the museum. We will even include the Bible Exhibit and the Flood Evidence Exhibit. We hope these lessons will help generate conversation in your homes, and build a stronger trust in the Bible. You’ll also be able to post questions. We’ll do our best to answer them on the next broadcast.

The broadcasts will remain archived on facebook, and also here on The Flood Museum website.

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